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Estate Liquidation Services

We at Jeff Hamlin Estate Sales are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, tailored for your specific needs and offered at a fair and competitive cost to you.

We provide the following services:

With the combined experience of Jeff Hamlin and his associates, supplemented as needed by other recognized experts in the field of personal property evaluation, we strive to realize the maximum value for you in liquidating no longer needed personal property, yet remaining sensitive to the often stressful circumstances leading up to this liquidation, as well as any unusual requirements you may have.

Contact us today for additional information. The best way for us to help you is a no-charge visit to personally review your needs, sufficiently in advance of your move or sale of your home to enable proper planning for your sale.


Our Commitment

Over the years, we have found that each sale and family situation is different and presents our team with a new and interesting challenge. While the basics may remain the same, it is our goal to be sensitive to your special requirements and make every effort to meet your specific needs. Once you and your family have identified and removed the items you are keeping, we will assume responsibility of liquidating the items remaining for sale in a manner that will achieve the highest possible financial return for you, leaving you with an empty house, vacuumed and swept and ready for showing to prospective purchasers or delivery to the new owner. No task is too great for us to tackle! We have found homes for orphaned pets (dogs, cats and birds), sold cars (sometimes having to make sufficient repairs to get the cars running or detailing them to make them more saleable), and cleaning out lots of attics, garages and refrigerators!


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Please feel free to contact us about any of your Sales or Appraisal needs.
Jeff Hamlin