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Welcome to Clancy's Corner.

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In Memory of Clancy



Clancy Abraham Williams

February 11, 1995 – April 18, 2013

To those who knew and loved Clancy as much as Bob, Jeff, Malda and our estate sale crew, we lost Clancy on April 18, 2013—only four days after "supervising" his last sale.

He gave joy to many, especially to "Daddy" Bob and his second "Daddy" Jeff.

Bob adopted Clancy in May 2001, and he has been an integral part of Jeff Hamlin Estate Sales ever since.

As the vet said to us the morning he died, "Clancy will be supervising your sales from above."

To honor Clancy and for all our wonderful customers who have been so supportive of all of us at this time, we will leave his story, published in the Park Cities People in 2003, and some of our favorite pictures of Clancy, in "Clancy’s Corner." Thank you Again.

Park Cities People,

Thursday, March 6, 2003

"Clancy's Sold on his Job as the Official Estate Sale Dog"

by Dena Hill, Staff Writer


Clancy Abraham loves a good estate sale. Or rather, he loves being in the midst of an estate sale. It's become part of his personality, even his very identity, making him, perhaps, a breed apart.

"He is Mister Cool about the whole thing," said Bob Williams of Clancy, his 8-year old apricot-colored miniature poodle. "He will stand at the door and greet the people. It's amazing the people who come in to the sales and clearly gravitate to him." Williams, a retired banker in his mid-60s, works with Jeff Hamlin in Jeff Hamlin Estate Sales, where Clancy surveys all sales large or small.

"He will pick out a spot on the sofa or a chair and monitor things. He is completely at ease with all of the people who work with us, and they're just crazy about him," Williams said.

Clancy himself came from the circumstances of an estate sale, when his former owner, Dorothy Abraham, died. Williams helped Hamlin handle the estate sale and ended up as Clancy's new owner when he learned that the 15-pound poodle needed a home.

Williams said he worried at first about what he would do with Clancy when he was away working at sales, but his answer came during the very next estate sale.

"The first day I left him (Clancy) at home, he just looked so sad. The next day we took him to the sale and he's never missed a sale since," Williams said.

That was two years ago. Since then, Clancy has forged a career, making friends and even recognizing regular customers, Williams said, "He's kind of gotten known as the estate sale dog. He knows every inch of whatever house you're working in."

Like the other workers at the sales who wear nametags, Clancy has his own nametag shaped, of course, like a bone.

Clancy usually stays in the main room up toward the checkout.

"He is part of the team," Williams said of Clancy's well-behaved attitude. "I think he's a great asset. He makes all of us happy, and I think he makes the customers happy."

Although Williams has had offers from customers to buy Clancy, that is clearly not an option.

"We always tell people he's priceless," Williams said.

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Jeff Hamlin